Frequently Asked Questions

Accident Information

1. I was just involved in an accident. What do I have to do now?
If you are at the incident scene, call ForenSys at 866-8888. We will immediately dispatch an agent to the incident scene, who will arrive as quickly as possible. Once there, our agent will document the incident, so that the insurance companies can immediately start processing the claim.

2. I was in an accident [any time further in the past than today]. How do I have ForenSys register my accident?
If the accident happened before but you still want it to be registered by ForenSys, call us at 866-8888 to register it anyways. We will make an appointment to do what we call an “Afterwards Registration”, which means everything possible is documented after the fact. This is not as useful as an on-site registration, however, so we encourage everyone to call right after the accident happened.

3. How much will ForenSys charge to register my accident?
ForenSys does not charge those involved in an accident to register the accident

4. My insurance company is not affiliated with ForenSys. Can I still call you to register my accident?
ForenSys wants to alleviate and serve all involved parties in accidents, no matter what insurance companies are involved. So please call ForenSys at 866 8888 immediately if you are involved in an accident, so that our Agent can come document the accident scene.

5. Your agents registered my accident. How can I get a copy of the report?
All involved parties receive a mini ticket with general information of the accident on it, so they can go to their Insurance Company. For privacy protection and legal reasons, ForenSys is not able to share the complete report with anyone other than the involved insurance companies and Traffic Police. If you need a copy of the report, you can ask your insurance company for it.

6. Does ForenSys determine who is guilty? And if so, how?
ForenSys does not determine guilt. We are not authorized to do so, nor are we able to decide liability. We document every relevant detail of the accident, so that liability can be decided by the Insurance Companies.

Feedback/ Complaints

1. I have a compliment about a ForenSys employee. Who do I contact about this?
If you have a compliment, please let us know. Either email us about your compliment at or call us at 866-8888. Make sure to let us know what incident you are talking about, one of the license plates involved in the accident, and what day and time the accident was registered. If you have the Agent’s name, that would help us find the case as well. Of course, please make sure to mention what the agent did that you feel deserves a compliment.

2. I have a complaint about a ForenSys employee. Who do I contact about this?
If you have a complaint, please let us know as soon as possible. Either email us about your complaint at or call us at 866-8888. Make sure to let us know what incident you are talking about, what day and time it happened, the agent’s name, and what the agent did wrong or should have done better.

3. I have a suggestion for ForenSys. Who do I contact?
If you have a suggestion, please email us at Make sure to indicate your name, what your suggestion is, and how we can contact you if we want to follow up.

Business Information

1. Where are your offices located?
ForenSys offices are located very centrally, in Cunupia.

2. Do you provide Roadside Assistance / Towing Services?
ForenSys does not provide Roadside Assistance or Towing Services. Our business is to give services by registering and documenting accidents, not roadside assistance.

3. Is ForenSys the Police, or represent the Police?
ForenSys is NOT the Police. It does not represent the Police, and it does not work for the Police. We do, however, work together with the police, while always deferring to them. Additionally, we will always assist Police in any way we can.

4. Who owns ForenSys?
ForenSys is an independent private company owned by a group made up of local and foreign investors. Ownership does not include any insurance companies or roadside assistance providers.

5. What Insurance Company or companies own ForenSys?
ForenSys is not owned by any insurance company, and is an independent private company owned by a group made up of local and foreign investors.

6. What insurance companies are affiliated with ForenSys?
Currently, ForenSys has agreements with Beacon, Guardian and MassyUnited. We register all accidents, however, regardless of who insures the vehicles.

7. Who can we talk to about pairing up with ForenSys in Business?
ForenSys is always open to suggestions. Please send an email to that contains your contact information and explains your proposal, and we will get back to you.


1. I am interested in working for ForenSys. Who can I contact?
We are always interested in identifying good candidates, even when we are not actively recruiting. The positions we regularly recruit for are Agents and Dispatchers. Both these positions require working full-time, and in shifts. If you are interested in working for ForenSys, please email your CV/resume and cover letter to If there is a potential fit, our HR department will contact you.

2. Does ForenSys offer part-time employment?
At this moment, ForenSys does not offer part-time employment. All our positions are full time, and most are shift-based.

3. Does ForenSys offer Internships?
ForenSys does not typically offer internships, as the nature of the work doesn’t lend itself well to that type loose work commitment.

4. What are your requirements for working at ForenSys?
Although there are more requirements depending on the specific position you are applying for, ForenSys employees typically have to be capable of working in shifts, be stress-resistant, customer-oriented, detail-oriented, flexible and have a sense of responsibility.

5. Do ForenSys employees require special training?
ForenSys employees are trained in-house for an extended period of time. The training is specifically intended to make sure they can deliver service in a courteous manner, and do the job in line with ForenSys guidelines and to the highest quality standards.