Employee Opportunities – Trinidad & Tobago

Most ForenSys employees work in shifts, meaning that sometimes you will end up working during the day, sometimes at night, sometimes during the week, and sometimes in the weekend. The reason for this is the nature of our business: accidents happen every day, at all hours, and ForenSys has to be ready to respond when called.

The two positions for which we often have job vacancies are dispatchers and agents.


Dispatchers answer the phones, take accident information, determine which Agents to send to which accident, give Agents instructions as to where to go, and stay in contact with the Agents throughout the accident registration process. Dispatchers need to be stress-resistant, organized, service-oriented and capable of understanding how to prioritize. For most clients, the dispatcher is their first interaction with Forensys, so it is very important to make sure the experience is a positive one.


Agents register incidents. That means they interact with distressed people who have been involved in an accident, and have to work while dealing with unhappy and distraught customers.

The ForenSys Agent works quickly to:

  • – Take pictures of the vehicles and incident scene
  • – Scan all the relevant documents
  • – Take statements
  • – Make a situation sketch
  • – Upload the information to our web-based platform

This means that those who want to be ForenSys Agents have to be stress-resistant, organized, service-oriented and able to work according to the systematized methodology that ForenSys has developed.

If you recognize yourself in one of these broad job descriptions, and would like to apply please email your Resume/CV and cover letter to us at: recruitment@forensys.com

If there is a potential match, our HR department will contact you and inform you as to the next step.