Mission & Values


To be a dependable and reliable source of help when a misfortune occurs, giving services through a responsible, friendly and impartial staff, documenting and archiving vital data supported by innovative and revolutionary software.


Alleviating and serving the world in times of misfortune and adversity.


We conduct our business with our vision as our aim, based on the following values:

Quality Policy

We will continuously strive to pleasantly maximize our customer intervention experience by treating incidents as our first priority.

Main purpose of existence

  • To provide timely, complete, and accurate information to the insurance companies.
  • To comply with our stakeholder’s strategic needs by efficiently collecting information and distributing them to all parties with access to the system.
  • To upgrade our infrastructure, increase our productivity, lower our operating costs and improve our competitive position by taking advantage of the market opportunities.
  • To attract, develop and retain highly qualified, committed and motivated people.

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