Company History

ForenSys was founded in 1996, under the name Curacao Road Services (CRS). Its founder, Robby Rodrigues, came up with the idea for an on-the-spot service for car insurance clients, and from there the idea grew and was refined in line with the needs and feedback of insurance companies.

Over time, both the company and its line of services have grown. Whereas we were initially a company that only performed accident scene documentation, we have evolved to the point where we provide an integrated solution for any insurance company’s incident registration and claims handling process. Development of our proprietary software, (until recently known as Vision) started in the year 2000, and has been revised, adapted and updated continually since then to respond to evolving market needs and requests. The company is active in five different markets across the region, and is in ongoing talks to enter a handful more.

After seeing a management change in 2009 with the installation of a new CEO, Caroline Hollander, the company was re-named “ForenSys” in 2011 as part of a broad re-branding effort